Browns bench rookie QB DeShone Kizer, won’t reveal next week’s starter

Browns coach Hue Jackson benched quarterback DeShone Kizer for Kevin Hogan in Sunday’s loss to the New York Jets then declined to say who would start next Sunday’s game in Houston.

“It is still about winning,” Jackson said after the 17-14 loss that dropped the Browns to 0-5. “Kizer is developing, but his job is still to win. That is first and foremost. I didn’t think it was going in the right direction. That is why I made the decision to take him out. If that was the case and it was just about development, I would have just left him in. It is not about that. It is about winning.”

The Deshaun Watson Experience became a must-see event last week against the Titans. The Texans wisely spent the minutes after that rout cautioning everybody not to expect the Chiefs game to go that well. For good reason: For all the deserved praise for Alex Smith and the offense he’s running, the defense did not make it easy on Washington after falling behind 10-0 Monday night and paved the way for the comeback. It’s a great test for Watson.

Welcome to the NFL, No. 2 overall pick Mitchell Trubisky … signed, the Vikings defense. They’re another bunch that has to hold up its end of the deal extra-high because of the injury devastation on the offense. Playing a rookie in his NFL debut helps everybody on the Vikings’ defense, including Everson Griffen, whose five sacks are fourth in the league.x (2)

Hue Jackson says rookie QB DeShone Kizer gives Browns ‘hope’

The Browns quietly impressed this weekend in a 21-18 loss against the Steelers.

Most figured the game would be a blowout, but rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer gave the Browns a spark. The former Notre Dame standout completed 20 of 30 passes for 222 yards and a touchdown, while turning the ball over just once.

Hue Jackson said Monday that the future of the franchise may be a little bit brighter with Kizer under center.

While the Browns might still struggle to win games this season, they finally have a promising future on the horizon.

Mack came to Indianapolis with the 143rd overall pick of the 2017 NFL draft, making him the 15th tailback selected. He was prolific in three seasons at South Florida, rushing for more than 1,000 yards each year and scoring 32 touchdowns — including 15 as a junior in 2016.

Unfortunately, he fumbled on the Colts’ next drive, which Jacoby Brissett recovered for a safety in the end zone.

Where does Marlon Mack fit in the Colts’ lineup? Frank Gore’s presence in Indianapolis gives the team a steady veteran presence in the backfield, but Mack is being groomed to be his heir. Gore was the team’s go-to on Sunday, earning seven carries to Mack’s two in the first quarter. Where Mack can add value is as an extra receiver out of the backfield — something the Colts have utilized often the past two seasons.

Gore has 72 receptions for 544 yards over that span, but Mack’s availability could put the rookie on the field for more third down situations. He had 28 receptions in 12 games for the Bulls last fall.

Also, he was drafted by an orangutan, which immediately gives him more promise than anyone drafted by Ryan Grigson.