Hogan and Kizer now await Jackson’s decision.

“The safety [Marcus Maye] undercut an out route,” Kizer said. “I did not see him, and I put the ball in harm’s way.”

Jackson said Kizer could have recognized the Jets’ zone defense and would have been happy had the quarterback thrown the ball away.

“Sometimes young guys, it is not going as well for them and that is my job,” Jackson said. “Sometimes taking him off and letting him see and breathe a little bit is good, and I think that is what he did.”

“Right now, I am just doing what I can to get better and help this team get a win,” Hogan said.

Said Kizer: “You go back, you learn from it. You do whatever you can to be a better player.”

The Ravens catch a break on their cross-country trip by facing EJ Manuel instead of Derek Carr. The defense still needs to play out of its mind to overcome how wretched the offense has been so far, and against the Steelers, they didn’t quite do it. It’s safe to say starting 2-0 against the Bengals and Browns wasn’t the best barometer for the Ravens.

Their recent playoff face-offs always make these regular-season games so rich with drama. Who has time to still be salty about whether Dez caught it in Lambeau Field, when now one can be salty about that final Packers march in Arlington last January? Home-field in the playoffs should be at stake … yes, it’s too early to start doubting the Cowboys that drastically. It’s not too early to doubt whether their defense can slow, let alone stop, Aaron Rodgers.
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