If starting a franchise, which coach would you want?

The NFL currently has plenty of great coaches. If currently starting an NFL franchise, which coach would you want?

That was the subject of a PFT Live draft on Monday’s edition of the show. Chris Simms and yours truly took turns, filling out three rounds.

So emerged with the better trio of coaches? Check out the video and share your thoughts below.

You can also cast a ballot in the PFT Twitter poll, where I currently could use all the help I can get. Because, apparently, plenty of the voters want to start a franchise with a couple of coaches who are pushing 70.

Since then, his production has dipped a good deal. Despite that lengthy playoff run in 2016, Jones owns a .778 playoff high-danger save percentage. Not great. New Jersey’s Schneider has been in a serious funk since returning from injury, and Kinkaid isn’t the guy I’d want to rely on in a seven-game series. Both candidates have disappointing numbers (neither breaks .915 at even strength or .799 in high-danger situations). Goaltending could be a big factor for both of these teams.

The Patriots waived him out of the preseason, and the Jets claimed him off waivers.

He played 15 games for the Jets with four starts last season, making 14 tackles, a sack and an interception.

J.A. Happ (L), 57 percent, Toronto Blue Jays at Baltimore Orioles: It’s early, so you can always rebound from an early-week mishap, but if you anticipate a close battle in ratios, not starting this southpaw against the righty-heavy Orioles is certainly defensible as a strategy.

For some, churning is difficult. Blake Parker is certainly a better pitcher than he has demonstrated to date. He’ll bounce back and perhaps even regain the closer gig in Anaheim. But, for now, Kenyan Middleton looks like the guy to target.

GS is the projected game score for the pitcher. The “*” symbol means the pitcher lacks requisite career major league data to produce an accurate rating; these are the author’s ratings.flames_019