Perry scores in shootout to lift Ducks past Hurricanes

Anaheim Ducks coach Randy Carlyle said goalie Ryan Miller was brought in to be a veteran presence and not just a backup to starter John Gibson.

But Miller didn’t get the opportunity to show what he could do over the first 10 games of the season.

On Sunday he got that chance and rose to the occasion, stopping 34 shots as the Ducks beat the Carolina Hurricanes 4-3 in a shootout.

“The message to Mark will be between me and Mark,” Payton said after Sunday’s win.

The coach previously commented: “You turn the ball over like we did, and you don’t deserve to win games like that. You can’t do it.”

Luckily for the Saints, who are on a five-game winning streak, Ingram did plenty prior to fumbling to help earn the victory.

“Oh, he is being blackballed. That’s a no-brainer,” Kerr said of Kaepernick, whom he has never met. “All you have to do is read the transactions every day, when you see the quarterbacks who are being hired. He’s way better than any of them.

“But the NFL has a different fan base than the NBA. The NBA is more urban, the NFL is more conservative, and I think a lot of NFL fans are truly angry at Kaepernick, and I think owners are worried what it’s going to do to business.”

Kerr drew a comparison between Kaepernick and Tim Tebow, in that any team signing one of those quarterbacks knows that guy is going to be the story every day.

“If you are a general manager, you do have to worry about the circus that would erupt if you signed Kaepernick,” he said. “That’s not justifying not signing him, but it’s understanding what you’re getting into.”blues-019