Matthew Slater visits Steelers

The Great New England Exodus of 2018 may not yet be over.

Field Yates of ESPN reports that receiver and special-teams ace Matthew Slater is visiting the Steelers on Saturday.

Brooks, who was named AFC defensive er of the week in Week Three of last season, is mostly a reserve on the Jets’ defense but is a core member of the special teams.

The NFL would probably like to avoid ever seeing the Josh McDaniels coaching fiasco ever happen again, and a subsequent rule change would ensure that it doesn’t.

NFL Competition Committee chairman Rich McKay confirmed that the league is considering a rule change that would allow assistant coaches to sign contracts for head coaching positions even before their teams are eliminated from the playoffs.

“Every year it’s become harder as the media pays more focus to those coaches and who may be going where,” McKay said, via Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk. “For too many years we’ve tried to hold that line on you can’t sign a contract but you can have an understanding.

Maybe this should have been obvious: I’ve been saying all along that Darnold has the best combination of floor and ceiling out of the quarterbacks in this draft, which fits what Cleveland needs to a T. He also just might be the best quarterback in the draft, which would also qualify as a thing that is good for the Browns.

Based on the chatter Albert Breer of heard coming out of L.A. this week, Darnold is “going No. 1.” That’s what an AFC exec told him, adding that “everyone” saw the “Browns’ franchise quarterback.”

Breer also talked to Jordan Palmer, the former college (loved him at UTEP!) and pro quarterback who trained both Darnold and Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen ahead of their pro days. Reading how Palmer set the pro day up — basically to highlight his strengths and “address any concerns” teams might have — is pretty fascinating. Go check it out.

The Seahawks truly are creating the Legion of Whom.

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