Sorry, but Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz wouldn’t be this good with Browns

Every time Deshaun Watson puts up video game-like stats for the Texans and Carson Wentz delivers a win for the Eagles, it happens.

While Watson and Wentz are looking like long-term franchise quarterbacks in the NFL, everybody keeps bringing up the team that traded out of its opportunity to draft either QB — the Browns.

Uninterrupted has a 13-minute documentary on suspended Browns receiver Josh Gordon’s drug use and attempted rehab. Gordon begins by listing some of the substances he has abused—alcohol, Xanax, cocaine, marijuana, codeine, cough syrup, and methazine. rounded up some moving takeaways from the piece.

An endorsement for those in deeper leagues, LeVert is struggling badly from the field with just 36.8 percent of his shots going in so far, marked by shooting 19.3 percent from beyond. But I also see him shooting 4.3 3-pointers and playing 28.4 minutes, evidence a positive correction could be on the way for his shooting and scoring rates. More than anything, I think LeVert is a talented prospect and could eventually find his stride on this fast-paced and fantasy-friendly Nets scheme.

The Bucs parted ways with a talented but troubled player who was in the final year of his contract and unlikely to remain in Tampa after free agency. The Patriots’ pass coverage ranked No. 30 in the NFL at the time, and their secondary had been crushed by injuries. Talib helped the Patriots to a division title in 2012 and earned 2013 Pro Bowl honors after signing a one-year contract to remain with the team. He moved on to the Denver Broncos in 2014. The Buccaneers used the fourth-round pick to draft defensive lineman William Gholston, who remains a part-time starter.

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