8 things to watch in NFL’s Week 2

The NFL’s opening week unleashed a scattering of twists and turns that reset this offseason’s storylines. 30 teams began their 2017 campaigns, leading to some surprising outcomes — like the Patriots losing, the Jaguars winning, and the Rams obliterating the Colts — and others that carried on familiar narratives.

But one week of the season isn’t enough to get a sense of what to expect around the league this season. Is Alex Smith a gunslinger now? Is Jared Goff really as improved as he looked in Week 1, or was that a byproduct of playing the Colts? Is the NFC West really going to be one of the weakest divisions in the league? Week 2 should give us a clearer picture.

We can expect more surprises, emerging stars, and rebounding veterans this week. Here are the eight things to watch for in Week 2 of the 2017 NFL season.

It’s a popular stat that likes to get passed around on Twitter — only a small percentage of NFL teams start 0-2 and make the playoffs. The exact number changes depending on what parameters you set, but OddsShark tracked recent trends and found that 9 percent of teams since 2007 have made the playoffs after going 0-2.

Is that an overblown narrative? Probably, and the Giants would be the first to tell you. The last time they started 0-2 was in 2007, and that team went on to win the Super Bowl. I doubt many fans even remember that 0-2 start after the fact.

So no doubt there’s time to right the ship, but that time has to start right now. This offense has too many fatal flaws to settle for business as usual, and the defense can’t do it all by itself. It’s on McAdoo, and this staff to figure out a solution before the Giants spin out into a lost season.
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